Owen Hutchison Printmaker


I grew up in Sandgate and learned printmaking at Banyo State High School.

All of my prints are relief prints where I carve an image into a surface of wood, lino or plywood so that the high surface prints and the remainder is white. To add colours I carve other blocks or use the reduction method.

I am drawn to printmaking for a number of reasons. These include my penchant for working in wood, the printmaking process in general and the artist power of a good print. I see printmaking as a medium that has constrints but also definite desirable artistic traits. I am a strong admirer of the German Expressionists of the early 20th Century who could achieve powerful effects with simple cutting of a wooden block.

Many of my images contain narrative elements from historical, mythological or literacy sources, (perhaps a pedagogical hangover from my work as a teacher). This is probably a desire to provoke thought and appreciation of our human position in specific landscapes and the Universe in general.